Almendralejo – The final hours

I’ve been hanging on for more than a few days by now. The leaving is hard, harder than it has ever been from any place I’ve frequented. My previous self would have been having a mental […]

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5 things I learned from teaching English in Spain

Being a native English speaker is a bit of a blessing, perhaps most of all due to the guarantee of finding employment in so many foreign lands teaching your native tongue. After travelling out east […]

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Semana Santa

Oftentimes it’s the eccentric few that wander among us who provide the most pleasurable company. You know you’re in good company when you can’t really tell if those around you are sober or have had a few.  It’s […]

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Strangers in Almendralejo

I’m still camped out in a rural corner of western Spain in a town called Almendralejo, and with the photography on hold for the last while, I decided to work on a new project in the […]

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Spain 2.0

Stay put in one place long enough and you’ll eventually grow weary of anywhere. From the 5am roosters in Nepal, the diarrhea in India, the snakes in Mongolia, the egg fried rice in China, the mosquitos in Thailand, the […]

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Donegal Bay Summer League 2016

You might think I’d actually been busy, as I finally transcribe an account of a local cycling league from the early summer, all of 7 months ago at this stage. It was only this evening after […]

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The Tour of Omagh

If you’re looking for any romantic tales and photos of a recent trip to the Arabian Peninsula, then I’m afraid you may have misread the title of this one. It’s not a “Tour of Oman”, but rather Omagh, […]

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Hacking Italian

A series of hacks for picking up the Italian language or indeed any language with the minimum effective dose of study!

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Back on the bicycle!

It was Will Durant who once said that nations are born stoic and die epicurean. It’s a quote that sprung to my mind as I wandered the car park of Biddy’s O’Barnes on an early […]

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Chasing the light on the streets of Delhi

Get bitten by a dog at 5 and you’ll jump at 50, the science is truly fascinating. From the amygdala to the pre-frontal cortex and fight or flight responses, it has been on my mind since I returned to the Indian […]

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A Visit to Dharavi Slum

I recently visited the Dharavi slum in Mumbai, which is home to somewhere between 300,000 and one million people. Having read Shantaram and seen Slumdog Millionaire, I had an idea of what slum life might be like […]

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My Dengue Fever Experience

It’s 10am in Chiang Mai, northwest Thailand, and I return to the guesthouse from breakfast feeling a little sluggish. There was no prior warning that anything was amiss when I leapt out of bed a […]

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Explore The Elements

I’ve been reading a book lately from Michael Pollan called ‘Cooked’ in which he explores how food is cooked via the four classical elements of earth, water, fire and air. It’s an interesting read, and quite the […]

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The Streets of Mumbai

Ever wonder why some people rant and rave about a given location, singing its praises no end, while others bitch and moan about the terrible experience they had? A buddhist monk I once met in north […]

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A Journey on the Indian Railways

After a month of inactivity in an Ayurvedic hospital, I’ve been feeling the urge to hit the road again, to photograph the irrelevant, and to record in words the seemingly inconsequential happenings of a lifestyle […]

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