Mongolia Photo Gallery

3 camels traversing sand dunes in the Gobi.jpgGobi Desert Sand Dunes.jpgHorse grazing by the dunes.jpgHerd of camels in vast Mongolian landscape.jpgA Mongolian nomad on his horse.jpgA Shy Mongolian Lady.jpgA terrified young Mongolian nomad.jpgYoung Mongolian horseman.jpgThe Flaming Cliffs in morning light.jpgThe Flaming Cliffs.jpgA typically big Mongolian sky.jpgA couple of Mongolian Camels Relaxing.jpgBig sky over a sand dune in the Gobi desert.jpgCabin in vast Mongolian Landscape.jpgCamel Wrestling.jpgCharacteristic Mongolian Sky.jpgGobi Desert Sand Dune in morning light.jpgGrass on the dunes in the Gobi.jpgHorse Milking in Mongolia.jpgMongolian Boy on Horse.jpgMongolian Gers and Horses.jpgMongolian Nomad family in the Gobi Desert.jpgMongolian Nomad herding goats.jpgMongolian Nomad man milking goats.jpgMongolian Nomad woman milking goats.jpgMongolian Nomads outside their Ger.jpgWrestling camels for branding.jpgMore Camel Wrestling.jpgNomads milking a horse in Mongolia.jpgOminous clouds over sand dunes in the Gobi Desert.jpgOrkhon Waterfall.jpgOvoo.jpgSand dune in the Gobi under a wispy sky.jpgSand Dune in the Gobi.jpgSand dunes in the Gobi Desert.jpgSand Dunes in The Gobi.jpgThey start young in Mongolia.jpgTowards the Gobi Dunes.jpgTsagaan Suvarga from above.jpgTsagaan Suvarga.jpgTypical Mongolian Roads.jpgUn Chulin.jpgYoung Mongolian Boy outside his Ger.jpg

About the Photos

This page contains a collection of images taken from a trip through Mongolia in the late summer of 2013. I stayed in the country for a month in total and undertook a 12 day journey through the Gobi desert in the southern part of the country before coming back up towards the capital Ulaanbaatar and making a number of stops in the central region. All photos are from this 12 day trip. Mongolia is an extremely photogenic country and offers the photographer opportunities like no other. From its nomads living out on the steppes to the breathtaking landscapes and customary big blue skies, it’s incredibly photogenic. I have written quite extensively on certain aspects of Mongolian culture including its nomads, the landscapes and general  tips for travel in Mongolia. I travelled Mongolia with a London-based photographer named Laurie Noble, a man with vast experience in travel and landscape photography, whose keen eye, help and advice undoubtedly aided me in capturing stronger photos.