Derek Sivers gave me the idea for this page. It details what I’m doing at the current moment. I’ll update as often as possible.

  • I’m living in Almendralejo, Spain. 28 degress one day, 8 the next….
  • Currently reading
    • Moonwalking with Einstein
  • Recently passed 500 days of  meditation without missing a day. I started recording sessions back in October 2015. What gets measured gets managed! No plans to break the streak, meditation has given me so much. For anyone considering trying it, I say go for it.
  • Been using binaural beats during meditation sessions recently. They work unbelievably well. I can consistenly get into the zone after 10-15 minutes. Now having much fewer hit or miss sessions. Been using the brain waves app although I hope to get into some other techniques in the near future.
  • Current biohacking experiments:
    • Was in hosipital recently for an abdominal ultrasound and had to fast for 8 hours before. I decided to do a 36 hour fast in preparation for some longer fasts in the future. Great experience overall.
      • 1.5g of bracnch chain amino acids twice to minimise muscle loss and a tablespoon of MCT oil (C8) every 3-4 hours ensured I got through it with no dip in energy, productivity and no hunger whatsoever.
      • The effect of the MCT’s on the brain is incredible, much more so than when consuming it with food or coffee.
      • Experienced extreme calm and relaxed feelings throughout. Plenty of creative ideas.
      • Gave classes 24 hours into the fast and performed better than usual.
      • First carbs were at 42 hours, 2 small-medium sweet potatoes with steak and veg. I felt like death for 3 hours after it. One possible reason is my muscles becoming insulin resistant during the fast to spare the little glucose for the 20% of my brain that won’t run on ketones and hence the quantity of insulin required to get those sweet potatoes into muscle tissue. Any biohackers out there, please let me know if you have any ideas.
    • I’ve been using the Lumo Lift for the last couple of months in an attempt to fix 30 odd years of terrible posture. Overall it seems to work. I find myself subconsciously expecting the vibration correction when I notice myself slouch. You can’t beat the immediate feedback to break old ingrained habits. It’s €70 on amazon for any hunched over readers like me who might be interested.
    • Got a lipid profile done recently. HBA1c was on the higher end of the range. It’s the first time I have tested it, and was surprised to see it slightly elevated considering how low-carb I eat. Two probable causes I reckon, both linked to adrenals, either coffee in the mornings triggering the adrenals to trigger the liver to spill out a bunch of glucose into the blood, or cycling up hills full gas. Need to buy a glucometer. Any suggestions/ideas?
  • Had a head cold for a few days (the first in years) so cycling has been limited somewhat. HRV took a big hit and still hasn’t gotten back to my baseline. Need to up the distance and intensity next week.
  • Teaching Experiments
    • Story listening – Been learning old stories I found online and retelling them. Works well. Currently working on adapting some old traditional seanachaí stories with a Spanish slant to see if the comedic affect works. Not sure how it’ll go, but I’ll try.
  • Been out photographing again and approaching random locals on the street and asking them weird philosophical questions about life. Blog post on the way.

Updated 24, March, 2017