Derek Sivers gave me the idea for this page. It details what I’m doing at the current moment. I’ll update as often as possible.

  • I’m living in Almendralejo, Spain. It’s still nippy at night.
  • Currently reading
    • Wired for Story
    • The first 20 hours
    • A Geek in Japan
  • Current biohacking experiements:
    • For the past 4 weeks I have done a protein fast every Monday. Limiting protein intake to less than 15g to promote autophagy. No conclusions yet.
    • Did 10 days off coffee to reset the adenosine receptors. Never missed it at all. Will start back this week. Looking forward to the kick and trying it with some L-theanine on busy days to crunch through the work.
  • Still cycling on average 3 times per week. using the minimum effective dose approach. Right now I have no intentions of racing this season. Although I´m signed up for a 170km Gran Fondo in May.
  • Teaching Experiments
    • Researching lexical chunks and how they can be tied into storytelling. The academic material is heavy going, but the approach has potential I think. Few focus on chunking so I’m hopeful I’ll get some ideas to help my learning friends out.
  • I have an interesting photography project in mind which I hope to begin in earnest in the coming week or two.

Updated 19, Febuary, 2017