South Korea Photo Gallery

The view from the top of Ulsanbawi rock in Seoraksan National Park7 shot pano of the view half way up Ulsanbawi Rock in Seoraksan National ParkClouded peak in Seoraksan National ParkBiryong Waterfall in Seoraksan National ParkA chimpmunk in Seoraksan National ParkA peak in Seoraksan National park at sunsetHaze in Seoraksan National ParkSunrise in Jirisan National ParkSunset over the ridge in Jirisan National ParkLooking across Hazy Jirisan Peaks at SunsetMountain Tops Rising Through Clouds in Jirisan National ParkIMG_8034.jpgClouds in the Valleys of Jirisan National ParkTea Plantations at BoseongLines of TeaIMG_8137-Edit.jpgLost in the MazeMore TeaSunset over Suncheon BaySunset over Paddy FieldsJeju Island coastThey mean it too!Jeju beach at sunsetMt. Halla on Jeju IslandJust Below the Peak of HallasanWindswept Peak of Hallasan on Jeju IslandWaves lapping over basalt rocks on Jeju coastCheonjiyeon Waterfall, JejuThe Harvest on Jeju IslandShe wasn't too impressed when I asked her if Andrew McCarthy was a fisherman!Panorama of the sunrise over Jirisan National ParkPano of Suncheon Bay