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Timelapse – China’s Magical Landscapes

Situated between 18° and 53° N and with a land area of almost 10 million sq km, China is a vast country and it’s landscape and climate are as diverse as its people. From the vast […]

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Back On The Tourist Trail

In most cases, there is a world of difference between being a traveller and being a tourist. A traveller generally travels slowly, watches expenditure, immerses his or herself in the local culture embracing what comes […]

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An Adventure Through Western Sichuan Part 2 – Litang to Chengdu

I bargain hard for a cheaper seat but it’s no use, it’s a closed shop. For almost two hours I wait, haggling, rejecting their offers but eventually accept that 100 Yuan is as cheap as […]

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An Adventure Through Western Sichuan Part 1 – Shangri-La to Daocheng

This particular leg of the journey has been in the planning for a while. Western Sichuan, encompassing the eastern part of the Tibetan Plateau is a difficult place to travel through, especially in rainy season. […]

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A Journey Through Yunnan

As I begin a journey through Yunnan province in south-western China, it’s amazing how the landscape from countries separated so far geographically can seem so similar under certain weather. As I make my way on […]

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28 Photos of China’s Karst Landscape

The karst landscape in southern Guangxi province provides a wonderful place to wander with your camera. Here are a collection of photos from a recent visit to Yangshuo, Xingping and the surrounding area. You can read […]

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China’s Karst Landscape

The south China karst is world-renowned, and Guangxi province in southern China offers the best of it. Here, karst peaks rise up from the Li River in what is an incredibly scenic part of China. […]

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Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces

China has redeemed herself. Fourteen hours after leaving the mayhem in Guangzhou in eastern China, I arrived to Guilin, in Guangxi province, well rested after a comfortable night on the train. Guilin is the typical starting […]

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Onward to the Middle Kingdom

As I move onward on my journey, I have arrived to the ‘Middle Kingdom’, only the second destination, after Russia, which was on my itinerary from the get go. It’s a place that I have […]

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