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Chasing the light on the streets of Delhi

Get bitten by a dog at 5 and you’ll jump at 50, the science is truly fascinating. From the amygdala to the pre-frontal cortex and fight or flight responses, it has been on my mind since I returned to the Indian […]

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A Visit to Dharavi Slum

I recently visited the Dharavi slum in Mumbai, which is home to somewhere between 300,000 and one million people. Having read Shantaram and seen Slumdog Millionaire, I had an idea of what slum life might be like […]

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The Streets of Mumbai

Ever wonder why some people rant and rave about a given location, singing its praises no end, while others bitch and moan about the terrible experience they had? A buddhist monk I once met in north […]

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A Journey on the Indian Railways

After a month of inactivity in an Ayurvedic hospital, I’ve been feeling the urge to hit the road again, to photograph the irrelevant, and to record in words the seemingly inconsequential happenings of a lifestyle […]

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Why it’s great to be back in India

It can be the most overwhelming of places, but after so long on the road, somehow the honking horns, the traffic, the mayhem, the noise, the dust and the heat don’t really get to me like they […]

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The Hospitals and Landscapes of Ladakh

Locked away in a north-western corner of India lies an area known as Ladakh. It has long since been a mecca for landscape photographers, or as I recently read on twitter, a paradise for those […]

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The Western Ghats – A Timelapse Video

As diverse and interesting as India may be, there’s no doubting that it can at times be an intense place to travel through. One thing I quickly learned is that ascending vertically is one way to escape […]

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Varanasi – Photographing India’s Holiest City

I haven’t blogged for a while, in fact it has been 124 days since I last posted anything! But lately I have had a few emails from people wondering if I was still travelling, or […]

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The pursuit of an Indian SIM card

Mysore, Karnataka, Southern India, many come here for Yoga, some come for Ayurveda, but I’ve come for a SIM card. A simple stop off on the way to the town of Chikmagalur in the Western […]

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Why I won’t visit the Taj Mahal

An old friend recently called me and said they were considering coming to India for a visit and some travelling. “Great” I thought, that was until the demands started: “But I’ll want to visit the […]

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An Introduction to Ayurveda

I haven’t blogged much of late so here’s a quick post to let my small following know what I have been up to. I have followed in the footsteps of some of the “greats” to India! […]

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Southern Indian Seascapes

I’m a dog lover, and for the first time on my travels through Asia, I was challenged by a street dog. I was wandering the streets of Delhi when it occurred, and it wasn’t just […]

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