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The Faces of Laos

While travelling certain countries you oftentimes have much more meaningful interactions with the local people than normal. In my case this usually means coming away with a disproportionate number of portrait photos of the local people. […]

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A Journey up the Nam Ou River

Travelling southeast Asia in the low season has been great, the only disadvantage that comes to mind are the slow arse-numbing bus rides that meander through the shitty roads of rural Laos. Add to that the customary hour […]

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Nong Khiaw – A Photo-essay

The power went out three hours ago and with no wifi to distract me it seems like a good chance to pen a few words for the blog. Laos has been great so far for […]

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13 Photographs of the Mekong River

The ‘mother of water’ is how its name translates from Lao, and it’s no surprise given how important the Mekong river must be to the local people. I spent some time photographing them and the […]

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The Lao Virga

For any landscape photographer, clouds play such an important role. A telephoto lens generally stays on the camera unless the clouds put on a show, after all, there’s nothing more boring than a cloudless sky! We […]

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Mekong Meditations

The steaming afternoon temperatures in northern Laos keep me bound indoors under the relative comfort of a weak ceiling fan, as I sit at a table looking over a map of the area surrounding Luang Prabang, the northern Lao […]

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